World Hepatitis Day – 28th July

Must know aspects about Hepatitis on the eve of World Hepatitis Day – 28th July

28th July is observed as World Hepatitis Day. However, it is unfortunate that people still are not aware of the main causes behind its occurrence, though they use various jargon floating around it. Hepatitis is a disease that occurs primarily when the liver gets inflammation. Though at a 1.1% prevalence rate, Nepal is considered one of the least hepatitis-affected nations, the incidences of its occurrence have been quite high among ethnic groups in Himalayan regions.

Types and symptoms

Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are the top 5 types of Hepatitis. To be specific, Hepatitis B and C are the most dangerous of all types.  Fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss for no reason, pain in abdomen, etc., are some of the most common hepatitis symptoms. Vomiting and diarrhea can occur to patients being victims of hepatitis A.   

Why are Hepatitis such prevalent these days?

There are several reasons behind the significant growth of hepatitis as a disease in modern-day world. Foremost among these Hepatitis causes is the disrupted lifestyle, and above all, excessive consumption of alcohol. Noteworthy here is that consumption of alcohol in an excessive and compulsive fashion can lead to damage of liver and cause inflammation.

In fact, alcohol has a direct harsh effect on the liver. With passing time, this can lead to permanently damaging liver and leading to diseases like cirrhosis. Avoiding alcohol, maintaining hygiene, and above all, getting vaccinated can help to avoid hepatitis.

Why it’s important to know about it; because you may live with it without knowing

Most people are not yet serious enough about the dangers of Hepatitis as much as they should be. Maybe, it doesn’t occur like a pandemic. However, this doesn’t make Hepatitis any less serious as a disease.  Noteworthy here is that the world witnesses 399,000 deaths every year due to it and due to the diseases related to the same.

Still, people ignore taking the Hepatitis vaccine as they haven’t yet become a victim of it, or probably because they haven’t seen anyone around them becoming a victim of the same. Basically, even the educated society has not taken the importance of Hepatitis prevention seriously.

These people must note that around 9 among 10 men, as well as women, live with viral hepatitis without even being aware that they are already infected. In other words, about 300 million people in this so-called health-conscious era are living with hepatitis without even being aware of it. Even unfortunate is to know that there are 42 million children included among the 300 million living without being aware of it.

It’s being seen in modern times that youth masses are not as aware of hepatitis as they should. It can be claimed that they don’t pay an equal level of emphasis as they do pay for losing weight. In this context, it is here to note that youth in their 30s hold the highest chances of having hepatitis B, though at an undiagnosed state. Similarly, the studies suggest that elderly people between the age group of 45 to 60 hold the highest threat of having hepatitis C and yet remaining unaware of it.

A consequence of living with Hepatitis

Now, the obvious question that pops up in mind is that what can be the consequence of living with these diseases. The simplest answer for the questions of such is that living like this multiplies the threat of the concerned person being a victim of liver cancer anytime later in their lives. In fact, Hepatitis B and C being specific, are the most prominent reasons for liver cancer that accounts for deaths of every 2 among 3 liver cancer patients.

If cancer is considered as one of the most feared diseases, one must understand that Hepatitis leads to liver cancer, the deadliest of all cancers presently; about 1.3 million people have to die every year due to this.

It’s not just about liver cancer or cirrhosis; hepatitis can further complicate any other disease as it affects livers. Upon inflammations occurring in the liver, it is quite obvious that its natural functionalities get affected. Over time, the liver thickens, leading to scars on it. And, liver is one of the most crucial organs in human body associated with the essential functionalities, like processing of nutrients, doing blood filtration, and fighting against infections.

With the liver’s functionality getting affected, the person is quite obvious to witness various infections, ending up finding several other diseases along with the already occurring one. In short, one must keep hepatitis at bay to avoid any kind of dangers in future.

Prevention and importance of vaccine

Keeping the severity of the disease, it is highly suggested that everyone should take vaccination seriously. This is extremely important considering that certain forms, like hepatitis A, can be caused due to the intake of contaminated water and food, which a common man can’t really figure out.

Above all, hepatitis B, which is considered the most dangerous of all forms, can transmit to a person him/her upon coming in contact with infected body fluids. Most importantly, they hold threats of transmitting the Hepatitis infection to others as well. This is the reason that Hepatitis transmission occurs like an epidemic at those places where it’s not dealt with seriously.

Specifically, those who regularly donate blood should definitely take vaccination seriously. Emphasis is being given more towards vaccinating the health workers as they are more prone to infections. Children in between the age group of 12 and 18 months can be given the vaccine as well.

Apart from vaccines, hygiene should be given importance to avoid Hepatitis. One must drink absolutely clean and pure water. It is suggested to avoid uncooked foods, vegetables, local waters, and even ice. Specifically, people traveling a lot should be careful about these things. At the same time, one should not use the shared needles, razors, toothbrushes, etc., to avoid Hepatitis B.

Ultimately, treat it at the earliest     

Good news is that treatment standard is constantly evolving for diseases like Hepatitis. Specifically, Hepatitis B, one of the most dangerous types, is curable if the person is given early treatments. Similarly, someone with Hepatitis C can be cured completely in a matter of a couple of months or three, provided that early treatment is given.,medical%20conditions%20can%20cause%20hepatitis.

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